FFT (Free Field Technologies)

Free Field Technologies S.A. develops and supports the ACTRAN™ finite element software for acoustic modeling and provides a range of services in the field of acoustic design. Free Field Technologies is also involved in multiple research programs in acoustics, aero-acoustics, vibro-acoustics, high-performance computing etc. The ACTRAN product suite is an ideal complement to the technology from ANSYS, for example:

  • ACTRAN can be used for computing the acoustic field radiated by a vibrating structure. In this case, the structure can be modeled in software from ANSYS where the vibration patterns are computed. ACTRAN uses these vibration patterns as boundary conditions and computes the acoustic field radiated by the structure.
  • ACTRAN can be used for computational aero-acoustics. In this case, the aero-acoustic sources are extracted from a non-stationary CFD analysis performed with ANSYS FLUENT or ANSYS CFX by using the Lighthill Analogy. The so-created aero-acoustic sources can then be propagated in a regular acoustic or vibro-acoustic model in ACTRAN.
  • ACTRAN can be used for convected acoustics (acoustics in a presence of a flow). In this case, the flow velocity field is transferred from ANSYS FLUENT of ANSYS CFX by using a smart interpolation algorithm. The convected acoustic field is then computed in ACTRAN.
Free Field Technologies

Free Field Technologies

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