eArtius brings advanced design optimization technology to ANSYS users. The newly developed eArtius add-in for ANSYS Workbench implements a 1-2-3 approach, enabling optimization of complex simulation models without any training or learning curve. The add-in provides easy access to a leading-edge eArtius design optimization technology. This allows the optimization of simulation models with dozens, hundreds, and thousands of design variables, and speed up of even the most complex multidisciplinary design optimization projects. 

eArtius' innovative technology removes design optimization barriers such as:

Reducing the number of evaluations required to find an optimal solution in a multi-objective, multi-discipline design environment by orders of magnitude

Working with large numbers of objectives and variables without increasing the number of evaluations

Optimizes without having to go through the cumbersome process of creating approximations and surrogate models

With eArtius, you can find new solutions by actually moving along the Pareto frontier from a given design towards a required design.

View the latest e-Artius and ANSYS webinar: "Stretching the Limits of Multi-Objective Design Optimization"


Dr. Vladimir Sevastyanov
Phone: 949.375.7647