ANSYS optiSLang enables CAE based product development across all industries to accomplish critical competitive goals such as optimized design performance, and cost reduction, all with an ease of use and efficiency that helps to minimize time to market. Combined with the industry leading parametric modelling environment ANSYS Workbench, it provides a maximum understanding of design features being exposed to production while robustly accounting for material tolerances and other environmental variables. This powerful combination will be used by ANSYS customers to verify and improve performance, robustness and reliability of their next generation products.

ANSYS optiSLang addresses the following key challenges in virtual product development with the use of a series of design variants, automatically generated and simulated in the parametric modelling environment of ANSYS:

  • Calibration of CAE-models to measurement results
  • Understanding of how parameter variation affects the design performance
  • Investigation of optimization potentials
  • Verification and improvement of design robustness and reliability
  • Performance of robust design optimization

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