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The Comet SimApp™ Authoring Workspace is an integrated environment to help the experts rapidly build, analyze, and optimize the Intelligent (simulation) Templates that are at the core of SimApps. SimApps consist of a simple-to-use, web-deployed front end (GUI) which gathers minimal data from a user and then sends these data to a simulation template. The template then runs the required calculations using the pre-specified CAD and CAE software.

Comet’s SimApps enable our customers to:

  • Automate modeling & simulation tasks to enable “what if?” studies (automated Design Space Exploration)
  • Evaluate the impact of design changes, including swapping out components and entire subsystems
  • Encapsulate and globally enforce modeling & simulation “best practices”
  • Deploy these best practices to non-experts, allowing them to safely and robustly perform simulations
  • Facilitate more effective collaboration within and between silo’ed design & engineering teams

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