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We provide our common customer base the ability to extend their ANSYS analysis within the GageMap software. GageMap permits users to perform mesh-free analysis of their ANSYS results in preparation for testing. User's may create virtual strain gauge & blade tip timing sensors in the optimal locations. These virtual sensors can then be used to generate test limits prior to test and perform detailed post-test analysis.

About Apex

APEX Turbine Testing Technologies is a supplier of turbomachinery test and analysis solutions with a proven record of delivering integrated, reliable, industry-leading software applications world-wide for over 17 years. Our solutions address every phase of the testing process from sensor allocation to data acquisition to offline analysis and finally data archival. Our passion is turbomachinery testing and we have been steadily working to improve this complex discipline through innovative application of new technologies and ever-improving software development. Nearly all APEX products have their origins in solving real-world problems in high value test programs where schedule and quality requirements are often in conflict. We help address the problem of doing more in less time.

The industry today is generating more data than ever as new products are constantly being developed and refined. Making sense of “big-data” is becoming more and more of an issue every day. We’ve been dealing with “big-data” since our inception with products that sift through large dynamic data archives and find important responses. We’ve moved much of our know-how to the real time environment where we help guide critical test decisions and get a head-start on the final analysis.

APEX operates under the highest ethical standards and is dedicated to customer satisfaction by delivering what we promise and servicing what we sell. Our goal is to not only be a reliable supplier, but also a test partner for our customers at every phase of turbomachinery vibration test and analysis to increase overall efficiency, effectiveness and success.

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