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Our software LINFLOW Enable ANSYS customers to perform aeroelastic stability and response analysis efficiently. The method used is a generalization of the type of tools included in the MSC Nastran aeroelastic module. LINFLOW enables aeroelastic analysis of applications such as fan's, turbines, and flow induced vibrations in pipes and tubes etc. LINFLOW uses boundary element methods to model the interface between the structure and the fluid. The fluid dynamics is solved in the frequency domain. LINFLOW uses ANSYS modal coordinate information for the description of the structure dynamics. As a subset of the capabilities in LINFLOW the tool enables analysis of acoustics in flowing media. LINFLOW also accuratly describes and predicts so called acoustic radiation damping appearing when for example submerged structures vibrate.

When LINFLOW is installed on a computer with ANSYS then the user will be able to use LINFLOW as an analysis module in ANSYS Mechanical APDL. Special menu entries and LINFLOW commands are included that enable ANSYS to give LINFLOW instructions on what the user wants to do. Additionally special post-processing command are included that endable animation of flutter modes by complex combination of the ANSYS structural modes. Plotting of so called V-g diagrams for stability evaluation is also included.

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