Our software product called ShareTask/STAN is a middle-ware which manage computing resources, especially computer cluster for HPC to execute CPU intensive calculations.
Our customers are in a variety of fields from academic laboratory to engineering devision of automobile component suppliers, heavy industries, aerospace and materials.

They perform a variety of CAE simulations using in-house and commercial softwares including ANSYS solvers.

The ShareTask is a multipurpose HPC resource management software which provides four categories of functions.

  1. Job scheduling
  2. Monitoring of hardware and software license utilization
  3. Control hardware and virtual machine
  4. Web user interface.

The monitoring function monitors not only usage of CPU, Memory and Storage, but also realtime situation of software license pool(FLEX, LM-X and so on), and compare with license requirement of each job which is waiting on a job queue. The job scheduling function uses the license situation to determine which job is to be started. The mechanism achieves effective utilization of the combination of hardware and software license.

The STAN is an option software to be attached to ShareTask, which connects ANSYS RSM and ShareTask. The combination RSM, STAN and ShareTask provides very integrated and smooth operation to users of ANSYS Workbench and computing cluster.

We, ANCL, make a continuing efforts to provide effective and easy hardware and software integration for CAE users.

Region(s) Served

Asia Pacific


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