Cycle Computing

The CycleCloud orchestration suite manages the provisioning of cloud infrastructure, orchestration of workflow execution and job queue management, automated and efficient data placement, full process monitoring and logging, all within a fully secure process flow

As part of the Ansys Enterprise Cloud offering, the solution provides a web-based GUI, a command line interface, and a set of APIs to define cloud-based clusters. Once defined according to policies set by system administrators, CycleCloud can auto-scale clusters by instance types, maximum cluster size, and costing parameters. It rapidly deploys everything from modest sized systems of 64-6,400 cores to systems that rank as some of the fastest computers in the world (156,000+ cores), while validating each piece of the infrastructure to insure a complete and robust environment.

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Cycle Computing Resource Center

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Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA, North America, South America

Cycle Computing

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