Rave Computer

The engineers and product development teams at Rave Computer have dedicated over two decades to building award-winning, integrated hardware solutions that power Modeling, Simulation and Visualization. From powerful workstations to nodes powering a render farm, clustering and much more, we have proven experience in providing and integrating the hardware that supports both Commercial and Department of Defense related applications and environments.

With ANSYS High Performance Software, the need for High Performance Computers for optimization is key. Rave provides Integrated, Optimized and High Performance Computers for both highest quality and cost effectiveness. Rave Computer is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with state-of-the-art ESD-certified facilities to ensure the highest level of quality.

In partnership with ANSYS Rave provides solutions that are flexible and fully aligned to each customer’s specifications and requirements.– the ability to utilize a full portfolio of cutting edge components from a wide range of valued partners to fulfill a build that’s right for our customers.

Rave provides systems that are rigorously tested prior to shipment/delivery to ensure hardware/software compatibility and reliability with:

  • Testing of multi-vendor products for operating systems compatibility
  • Standardize production processes to ensure repeatable quality while keeping costs lower
  • Rapid turnaround by keeping components in stock, while reducing your warehousing costs
  • Comprehensive Customer Support System
  • Lifetime toll free technical support

Rave Computer

Phone: 586.939.8230