Cray Inc.

With ANSYS' application scalability and overall system performance, Cray solutions meet the demand for better fidelity in engineering simulation, enabling increased insights and meeting today’s accelerated product development schedules. Cray offers a complete, single-vendor solution with systems to meet any size need in computing, storage and data management, and large-scale data analytics.

Cray’s expertise in architecting, optimizing and supporting large scale HPC Environments enables our customers to rapidly reach productivity and discovery.

Cray’s performance optimized environments for simulation and advanced analytics enable:

  • Virtual prototyping simulations with increased accuracy and design insight within aggressive product development schedules.
  • Companies to make smarter decisions at the earliest stages of design process and improve overall competitiveness.
  • Reducing the risk in product development cycles, improving product quality and lowing product costs.

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Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA, North America, South America


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