For over ten years, Ozen Engineering, Inc. has been a provider of ANSYS products and world class consulting services to our clientele. Beginning December 2014, we are pleased to introduce a new service called “OzenCloud” to complement our offerings to those customers who are interested in running their simulations in the cloud.

OzenCloud will dramatically expand the simulation capabilities with unlimited number of cores, huge storage capacity supporting ANSYS and other partner’s product portfolios. OzenCloud is a perfect platform for customers who are concerned about surge capacity and compute resources or have a short term project but do not wish to commit to a license purchase. As of September 2016, OzenCloud also offers ""bring your own license"" service. In addition, OzenCloud provides dramatic performance improvements to FEA (including high and low frequency electromagnetics) and CFD simulations, leveraging advanced HPC technologies from world’s leading hardware and software vendors. If you need an easy to use, on-demand and scalable simulation environment at affordable prices, contact us (info@ozeninc.com) today!

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