extreme factory (ATOS)

extreme factory is a complete offering, operated 100 percent by Atos and its Bull subsidiary. Atos’s experience and expertise in systems design, services operations, applications management, Web development, security components, and telecommunications was key to bringing to the marketplace a fully functional and flexible solution.

extreme factory provides on-demand as well as private infrastructure resources to run ANSYS software products from the Internet or on-premises.

extreme factory on-demand infrastructure is a highly secure environment located in our datacenter close to Paris in France that is physically accessible only to authorized Atos operators. The cluster is a complete HPC system, based on our own bullx supercomputer line of products with state-of-art CPUs and high-speed InfiniBand Interconnect.

It is accessed through extreme factory Computing Studio (XCS), a convenient secured web portal that has been designed to ease user interaction with the underlying HPC infrastructure

Pre and post-processing data can be easily and interactively accessed through the optimized extreme factory remote visualizer (XRV), which is compatible with all Ansys software

For more information about extreme factory, please visit our website - https://www.bull.com/extreme-factory.

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extreme factory

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