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CPU 24/7 is a leading provider of CAE as a Service (CAEaaS) solutions. Headquartered in Potsdam / Germany, CPU 24/7 develops and operates unique on demand services for High Performance Computing (HPC) that are based on the latest globally accepted industry standards for hardware, software, and applications. Since 2006, CPU 24/7 has served in particular the high end CAE markets in e.g. automotive, marine engineering, aerospace etc. where these services are designed to fulfill all the requirements of even the most demanding jobs. CPU 24/7 provides its customers flexible pre-configured and “ready-to- use” CAEaaS infrastructures hosted in the CPU 24/7 cloud. The service is provisioned ‘on-demand’ and remotely, eliminates expensive upfront investments and is immediately available. ANSYS and CPU 24/7 have partnered since 2014, providing customers with an ideally integrated and optimised HPC environment for any ANSYS application running on CPU 24/7’s bare-metal HPC servers.

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Jens Tamm
Director Business Development
CPU 24/7 GmbH
Dennis-Gabor-Straße 2
DE 14469 Potsdam
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