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Parametric Design resells a full range of integrated solutions in CAD/CAM/CAE, PLM, ERP and Simulation environments, in its role as certified partner for leading companies such as Ansys and PTC. It offers specialized process, methodology, planning, and training consulting services designed to meet the various needs of the sector rapidly and effectively. Parametric Design supports its customers before and after the reselling activity in order to optimize the return of investment and the usage of its software solutions. It delivers to customers an optimized usage of the tools, improving their productivity. Parametric Design Is a technology advisor that offers powerful solutions to companies that want to become or remain both competitive and innovative on the market, always making sure that they are able to take full advantage of all the potential of its tools. It helps companies to create smart and interconnected products. Its business is based on three elements: the tool, the way to learn how to use it and its support for technical and product development process management staff to ensure that there is the maximum return on investment.

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Parametric Design

Chiara Marcello
Piazza Corte Grande 24/25
20060 - Gessate (MI)
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