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At CADFEM UK and Ireland, we help our customers to fully exploit the benefit of ANSYS Simulation Software throughout the product development process - driving innovation, proving new concepts and arriving at best designs in less time and for less cost. We sell and support the full range of ANSYS products. But Simulation is More than Software. So we provide training, consultancy and technology transfer services to bring our customers up the learning curve quickly and cost effectively. As an Amazon Channel Partner, we also provide tailored AWS cloud computing to our customers. Our team of experts in the UK and Ireland offer hotline support to all of our customers, backed up by an expert support team in Germany.

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Country(s) Served

United Kingdom, Ireland

ANSYS Certified Elite Channel Partner


Derek Sweeney
Unit G3, Unit G3,
The Steelworks,
Foley St, Dublin D01 YW42,
+353 1 652 2734

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