CADFEM is the largest and the oldest channel partner of ANSYS in the world. The member companies of CADFEM form the CADFEM Group. The CADFEM Group is a leading provider for simulation-based engineering. Our expertise and know-how extend to almost every industry and application in the world of simulation. Our business approach is: Think global but act local using the collective strengths of small and medium sized companies.

The members of the CADFEM Group form strategically the most important Channel Partner of ANSYS. As ANSYS Channel Partner we sell all ANSYS simulation packages from structural mechanics to fluid dynamics, electromagnetics and system simulation as well as embedded software.

Software alone does not guarantee success in simulation, so we believe "Simulation is more than Software". CADFEM is a system house, an engineering services provider, a provider of education, training and information. Customers receive everything they need for successful simulation from a single source: Products, Services and Know-how.

CADFEM SEA is a proud member of CADFEM Group and is ANSYS Certified Channel Partner in South East Asia region with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. CADFEM SEA provides support for both industrial enterprises from any sector and of any size, as well as customers engaged in research, training and teaching. CADFEM SEA support ranges from the very first steps in simulation to successful use and implementation of special customized solutions. Moreover, CADFEM SEA is engaged in research projects and liaises closely with companies in order to pave the way for simulation in future fields of application.


ANSYS Software: ANSYS stands for simulation software for virtually any kind of application and is the most widely used software solution in the industry. Moreover, ANSYS is one of the world´s leading CAE software for research and academia.

Complementary tools and competence: Our software portfolio also covers software for special requirements, i.e. products such as LS-DYNA, Rocky DEM and optiSLang as well as the CADFEM ANSYS Extensions developed by CADFEM itself. In addition, CADFEM SEA has competence in advanced topics such as 3D printing, eCADFEM, composites, hydraulic fracturing and urban city simulation.

Region(s) Served

Asia Pacific

Countries Served

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam


Channel Partner
2 Venture Drive
#24-01, Vision Exchange
Singapore 608526
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