Joins us for an ANSYS Webinar

Ansys EMA3D Cable Simulation for Aerospace & Automotive Applications

August 27, 2020

3:00 PM IST




Safety-critical cable harnesses that transmit electrical power and signals to electronics within aircraft and automobiles must be protected from electromagnetic interference (EMI) such as high-intensity radiated fields (HIRF) and crosstalk, whereby signal from the adjacent cables creates noise and RF interference to other systems. This webinar showcases Ansys EMA3D Cable, Ansys’ comprehensive solution for robust and efficient designing, packaging and routing of cable bundles and harnesses. This enables the engineers to test real-life issues in laboratory conditions with tremendous freedom, including but not limited to design changes, modifications in shielding, routing, packaging and test severity levels.

  • Understand EMA3D Cable’s capabilities.
  • Learn how to perform cable modelling using EMA3D Cable and Ansys SpaceClaim interfaces.
  • Discover how to predict lightning by coupling to equipment interfaces.
  • Receive expert tips on predicting HIRF fields and cable coupling.
  • Explore how to predict radiated coupling to cables.
  • Understand how to predict cable-emitted radiation.
  • Learn how to predict crosstalk between cables.



Who should attend?

  • Engineers and managers from aerospace, automotive, rail, energy and electronics industry segments
  • Product managers
  • Research engineers
  • Scientists


Dr. Nijas Kunju

Dr. Nijas Kunju
Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

Dr. Nijas specializes in RF, antennas, radar, signal integrity, power integrity and multiphysics simulation. Nijas provides technical assistance for all RF, antenna, radar (especially for driverless cars) and 5G MIMO applications. He completed his master’s degree in electronics science and his PhD from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala. He has authored more than 20 international Journals and 20 national conference publications.

Nikhil Grover

Nikhil Grover
Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

Nikhil has nearly eight years of experience, with a blend of both simulation and hands-on testing aspects of EMI and electromagnetic compatibility issues. Nikhil is experienced with simulation tools, applying electromagnetic and RF-related technologies to support research and development of electric and hybrid vehicles. He holds a masters' degree in electrical engineering, specializing in electromagnetics and antenna design, from Ohio State University, U.S.


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