Designing a Motorbike Brake Disk using ANSYS Discovery

April 16, 2019

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (IST)




Industry today is challenged to reduce the overall product design and development cycle by 30% and introduce the products faster in the market to meet the customer demand and to capture the market share by entering the market first.  Moreover the customers are expecting the products to be innovative at a competitive cost.  These industry challenges are putting tremendous pressure on the design engineers to innovate faster.
The real time simulation capability of ANSYS Discovery Live allows Design Engineers to explore all their design ideas quickly early in the design cycle. The insight gained helps to narrow down to few best ideas for more detail study.  Instantaneous design exploration lowers cost by reducing prototyping and testing, leading to faster product development. ANSYS Discovery provides access to instantaneous and high fidelity simulation, across multiple physics, in a single, easy to use platform.
Join us for this webinar to see how ANSYS Discovery can be used to design a brake disk. This includes performing structural and thermal simulations and making informed design decisions by tracking the effect of any change on design’s performance. A high fidelity, detailed simulation to validate the final design.