HFSS layout-driven assembly

HFSS Regions in SIwave Workshop

July 22, 2020

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)



Verly Flores

With the ever-increasing demands and speeds of high-speed PCB channel designs, the speed and accuracy of SIwave can be improved with the use of HFSS regions. Join Ansys for a workshop as we demonstrate how to quickly set up ports and extract S-parameters for a high-speed channel in Ansys SIwave using the HFSS 3D regions feature for improved accuracy. You will learn the benefits of simulating with HFSS 3D regions which include:

1) easy setup through the Ansys SIwave interface
2) accurate 3D extraction of critical regions in the signal/return paths
3) fast simulation time due to efficient the hybrid approach for PCB layout simulation.

The workshop will demonstrate how to perform a high-frequency signal integrity simulation on a PCB channel including:

  • Import board design, choose nets to analyze and setup ports
  • Setup HFSS 3D regions and clip design
  • High-frequency solution setup
  • Setup HPC options, solve the project and analyze Results

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