HFSS layout-driven assembly

ANSYS HFSS 3D Layout Assembly Modeling Hands-on Workshop

August 6, 2019

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (PDT)


2645 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134

Verly Flores

Join ANSYS for a free, hands-on “Lunch & Learn” workshop that demonstrates how the ANSYS Electronics Desktop enables users to assemble complex electromagnetic models for system simulation. The modules teach users how to import and assemble a connector, package, and a board design which makes up a real world end-to-end signal integrity channel. AEDT allows users to choose the solver technology that best suits the simulation (3D FEM or Hybrid 2.5 D), to obtain the most accurate electromagnetic solution. The users will then learn how to use the assembled model to drive circuit simulations, instead of using traditional 2D schematic capture. This methodology enables improved simulation management, accuracy, and complete channel characterization.

This workshop will include "hands-on" exercises to demonstrate how to:

  • Run an end-to-end system simulation in the 3D Layout environment. After assembling a package onto a board, define the transient drivers/receivers, then view the time domain results
  • Place a mechanical CAD drawing of a connector onto a board footprint in 3D layout, then simulate the assembly using ANSYS HFSS
  • Use 3D Layout  to define variables on a board design and then run a parametric sweep to determine the best performance
  • Optimize a via transition by assigning variables to the padstacks and ground planes

Please register early to reserve your spot. Lunch will be provided.