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The Network Data Explorer and S Parameter Integrity | Tips & Tricks

May 2, 2019

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)

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ANSYS Customer Excellence Support Team


The Network Data Explorer (NDE) is a utility that is often used to visualize s-parameter models, but has capabilities that exist far beyond plotting. S-parameter models can often contain non-physical behaviors such as non-passivity and non-causality that are not always apparent upon casual inspection. These issues can be traumatic to any further analyses, such as time domain circuit simulation, that commonly use these models. NDE contains technology for analyzing the inherent data integrity of s-parameters, as well as the ability to output corrected stable frequency domain models in multiple formats.

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Presenter Bio

Daniel Dvorscak is a Senior Technical Support Engineer who received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in May of 1999.  He then went on to work for Compaq/HP as a Signal Integrity Engineer working on the AlphaServer product line before joining ANSYS (formally Ansoft) in 2004. His technical interests and area of expertise include: circuit analysis for signal integrity, IBIS and IBIS-AMI.