ANSYS HFSS - 3D Components | Tips & Tricks Webinar

February 14, 2019

10:00AM - 11:00AM (EST)

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ANSYS Customer Excellence Support Team

HFSS 3D Component modeling approach makes design and integration of complex large systems very efficient and convenient. Optional encryption and password protection features allow component creators to control their access and use. 3D Component modeling enhances collaboration within and outside organizations with ease and accuracy while maintaining IP protection. In this demo webinar we provide several useful tips for you to take a leap in your modeling using 3D components.

Presenter Bio

Faezeh Tork LadaniFaezeh Tork Ladani

Faezeh is an ANSYS Technical Support Engineer. She received her PhD in Electrical Engineering from UC Irvine in 2017 and completed her academic research as assistant specialist and then as a Postdoctoral fellow in UC Irvine, and University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, respectively. Her background in Electromagnetics ranges from RF/Microwave devices in telecommunications to plasmonics in nano-photonic imaging and spectroscopy.

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