ANSYS Fluent Mosaic Meshing

ANSYS Fluent Innovations Speed CFD Simulations to Help Engineers Get Accurate Results with Less Training

October 17, 2018

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)




Innovations to ANSYS Fluent in ANSYS 19.2 dramatically speed the time to an accurate solution, while freeing up engineers to do more with less training.

Register for the webinar to see us demonstrate Fluent’s task-based workflow, which helps engineers make the best possible choices for more accurate simulations in less time and facilitates the preparation and meshing of “watertight geometries.” We will also demonstrate our patent-pending Mosaic technology, which automatically combines disparate boundary layer mesh types using high-quality polyhedral meshes for faster and more accurate flow resolution.

Andy Wade is a lead application engineer at ANSYS.  With expertise in CFD, optimization, chemical and aerospace engineering, Dr. Wade has been helping helping companies solve complex engineering problems using computational simulation tools for over 13 years.