Leveraging Simulation for Hybrid and Electric Powertrain Design

ANSYS Electric Machine Design Workshop

March 14, 2018

10:00 AM (EST)


900 Victors Way
Atrium One, Suite 350
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Anthony Williams

Join ANSYS for a hands-on workshop where we will present how engineering simulation technology from ANSYS is being used to reduce development time and cost, and maximize efficiency for electric machines. 

ANSYS Maxwell is our low-frequency electromagnetic field solver focused on the design of electric motors, actuators, transformers and other electromechanical devices. In ANSYS 19, Maxwell has been upgraded to include the modern look and feel of a ribbon-based interface.  In addition, new advanced analysis and automation features have been added for electric machine design. An integrated motor design toolkit and automated motor efficiency maps aid design set up and post-processing of transient electromagnetic solutions.

In this workshop, we will demonstrate how Maxwell has been upgraded with the new capability to simulate the effects of the manufacturing process on electrical steel. The electromagnetic characteristics of electrical steel change as they go through the process of forming core laminations through mechanical cutting or laser cutting. These characteristic changes can affect the simulated performance of the device. Join us to learn how our new algorithm ensures higher simulation accuracy of devices that utilize laminated cores, such as motors and transformers, and eliminates the need to manually calibrate the simulation with physical measurements.

The workshop will highlight ANSYS simulation to address the following challenges in the design and development of electric machines:

  • Electromagnetic design and optimization
  • Integration with controller and system
  • Structural integrity and vibration/acoustics
  • Thermal management

Lunch will be provided.