Employee Spotlight: Al Hancq

An internship is more than an opportunity to gain working experience — it can be the first step in a long and exciting career. But don’t take our word for it: Read what Al Hancq, Vice President, Product, at Ansys has to say about his 1994 intern experience with the company, which led to a full-time position followed by promotions.

Hi, I’m Al.

My Title

Vice President, Product

What I Really Do

It’s important to know if the products we use every day will break … get too hot … be too noisy … At Ansys, we get to build products before they’re built — to make sure they work better and safer. I feel proud to be part of that.

Why I Choose Ansys

Ansys was and continues to be a leading technology company, but with a grassroots feel that breaks down barriers and encourages learning, asking questions, and solving bold technical challenges.

We have a sense of community I feel privileged to be a part of. I grew up right down the street from our headquarters and had no idea of the impact Ansys has on the world we live in. We have a global gem in our Western Pennsylvania backyard.

Our Commitment to Education

I’m a major advocate for our internship program. I started as an intern myself in 1994, so I know firsthand the value of the experience. You are learning in school, then coming to work at Ansys and applying that theory to solve real-life problems. Our interns provide incredibly meaningful contributions to our teams. They are so smart and impressive — I don’t think I’d get the job if I had to go up against them today!

My Best Advice

Don’t be afraid to fail. At Ansys, we don’t have a culture where there are repercussions if you fail. In fact, we encourage failure because that means our people are trying new things.

Ask questions. Get to know people. Don’t be afraid of feeling overwhelmed. Learn. Volunteer for work. There are plenty of opportunities to move around — up, down, diagonal, into sales, into development — don’t limit your possibilities.

Leaders: Your first priority is always your people. Be a good shepherd for your team.

What You Might Not Know

I planted about 2,000 trees around my house, and my 4 kids think I love the trees more than them.