ANSYS 19.2 Delivers Faster Problem-Solving Capabilities Across the Entire Portfolio


ANSYS Discovery Live 

From innovative fluids meshing technology to improved workflows for safety analysis to an updated system coupling engine, the newly released ANSYS 19.2 enables customers to solve their most difficult product development challenges faster than ever. This latest release empowers more users to accelerate the design process with new single-window, efficient workflows and patent-pending advanced meshing technology for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). ANSYS 19.2 also includes new processes for developing embedded software for safety-critical applications, and dramatic computational speed and user experience improvements for solving automotive radar scenarios, digital twins, 3D design exploration and structural modeling.

 ANSYS Fluent meshing

"ANSYS Fluent meshing in 19.2 has been extremely beneficial to us in terms of turnaround times compared to the previous versions, especially in handling large, complex geometries. The resulting mesh also meets and exceeds our quality requirements in every aspect. All of these put together have greatly improved our productivity, while reducing manual efforts required."
— Vidyanand Kesti, CFD specialist, Mann and Hummel


ANSYS VRXPERIENCE takes predictive validation of vehicle systems to the next level — meeting any virtual reality simulation and validation need for autonomous vehicle simulation.

 material designer feature

The new material designer feature for structural simulations can create detailed models of sample materials and then calculate equivalent properties for use in larger-scale simulations.

medini analyze solution

"Through the use of task lists and libraries, medini analyze has helped Allegro improve the quality and standardization of safety analysis across business units, while at the same time increasing efficiency through re-use."
— Paul Amons, functional safety manager, Allegro MicroSystems