ANSYS Advantage - Volume XI, Issue 2, 2017

ANSYS Advantage - Spotlight on Digital Exploration

Spotlight on Digital Exploration

While simulation has often been viewed as a complement to physical testing once design concepts are ready for validation, simulation can add even greater value upstream, during product ideation. This issue of ANSYS Advantage features organizations in many industries that have reaped the benefits of leveraging engineering simulation early in product development.

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    Digital Exploration: The New Imperative

    By applying simulation at the earliest stages of product development, the world's leading companies are rapidly exploring thousands of design options — creating breakthrough innovation and a significant competitive advantage.

    Best Practice, Best Product

    Digital exploration, or upfront simulation, is the best way to investigate thousands of design options before product costs are locked in.

    Opening the Valve to Improved Design

    Using ANSYS AIM, Metso can digitally explore the performance of a new design in a few hours and substantially increase valve performance.

    Picking Up Steam

    KeelWit engineers leveraged ANSYS ACT to manage trade-offs and reduce pressure drop by up to 25 percent across two families of heat recover steam generator boilers.

    Put the Right Spin On It

    Rotordynamic simulation at Ingersoll Rand predicts vibration problems for rotary air compressors in the concept design phase so that they can be corrected before building prototypes

    Leading the Electric Vehicle Charge

    Researchers at National Electric Vehicles Sweden, who develop the battery management system for electric vehicles, achieve 30 percent higher productivity using ANSYS SCADE Suite instead of a traditional model-based toolset.

    Bright Idea for Headlights

    Engineers successfully reduced the time required for physical testing by using simulation to optimize the heat sink design for an LED automotive headlight.

    Taking the Leap to 7nm: Risk or Reward?

    A host of design challenges and risks accompany every new generation of semiconductor process nodes and many of these challenges can be addressed using upfront simulation.

    Cooking with ANSYS SpaceClaim

    Using ANSYS SpaceClaim, a small startup can now edit the design of a meat smoker to create a new iteration in only five minutes instead of two weeks.

    Electrifying Vehicle

    Lucid engineers extensively leverage ANSYS multiphysics simulation software to improve the operation of vehicle subsystems. The use of a consolidated engineering simulation platform is critical to achieve a wide range of performance improvements — both for the car and the engineering team.

    Digital Exploration with ANSYS AIM

    Digitally exploring design concepts and testing critical design choices early in the design process using ANSYS AIM provides the guidance organizations require to make informed design decisions, reduce the need for physical prototypes and avoid unworkable design concepts.

    Delivering a Digital Twin

    A digital twin combines an industrial asset's digital and operational data with a software platform, simulation and analytics to gain insight into present and future operations. This results in improved output, reduced costs, accelerated innovation and a solution that is the outcome that industry demands.

    Hitting the Brakes

    United States Air Force jets were being damaged when the tow tractor that transports them around bases came to a sudden stop. Using ANSYS Mechanical, engineers determined the cause and devised a simple solution to this multimillion-dollar problem.

    Vibration Power Generation

    Cutting-edge simulation technology helps a startup push the boundaries of how sensors are powered by developing technology to efficiently transform ambient energy into electricity to power wireless equipment.

    Cloud Seeds Simulation For SMEs

    Small and medium-size manufacturers need economical access to simulation during their design cycles to remain competitive. This requires a software stack to enable these companies to expand use of high-fidelity modeling tools on cloud computing resources.
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