ANSYS Advantage - Volume X, Issue 3, 2016

ANSYS Advantage - Volume X, Issue 3, 2016 - Breakthrough Energy Innovation


Energy systems innovation and sustainable design are key business initiatives in almost every industry sector. The latest issue of ANSYS Advantage highlights the many ways our customers are delivering these energy innovations by leveraging the power of engineering simulation.

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  • Editorial

    Breakthrough Energy Innovation: Seizing the Opportunity

    By viewing energy efficiency not as a requirement — but as a strategic opportunity — engineers have a chance to shine. 
  • Best Practices

    Making a Breakthrough

    Engineering simulation helps product development teams around the world create energy-specific innovation in five key areas.
  • Aerodynamic Design

    Turning a New Leaf

    By designing a tree-like wind power generator with steel branches and plastic leaves, New Wind has created an aesthetically pleasing alternative energy source for urban environments.
  • Machine and Fuel Efficiency

    Wearing it Well

    BorgWarner uses a new simulation capability to expedite design iterations between designers and analysts, and to create more accurate wear-test rigs.
  • Machine and Fuel Efficiency

    Green Machine

    Engineers leveraged ANSYS multiphysics capabilities to design a new compressor that consumes less power and produces less noise.
  • Thermal Optimization

    Pouring Cold Water on It

    To design a high power-density rotary engine, engineers used ANSYS CFD to develop the water cooling jacket.
  • Aerodynamic Design

    Faster than the Wind

    Emirates Team New Zealand is pulling ahead of its competition by using ANSYS multiphysics simulation to evaluate thousands of alternative cases and develop the best possible design in its quest for the next America’s Cup.
  • Machine and Fuel Efficiency

    Cold Cash

    A fan designed with multiphysics simulation offers a potential of 1 billion euros in lifetime savings for all of the LNG plants operated by a large global producer.
  • Advanced Electrification

    Power Retooling for Chips

    To reduce chip power consumption to unprecedented levels. AMD improved design flow with ANSYS PowerArtist.
  • Thermal Efficiency

    Fit for a King

    ANSYS simulation helps guide the design of the climate control system during reconstruction of the historic Berlin City Palace.
  • Machine and Fuel Efficiency

    All Mixed Up

    To develop an impeller that would increase mixing efficiency and reduce power consumption, a leading fiber manufacturer leveraged ANSYS CFD.
  • Lightweighting

    Big Wheel

    Accuride has enhanced the fuel economy that truckers can achieve to reduce the weight of its wide-base wheels by more than 23 percent in recent years.
  • Academic

  • Automotive

    Taking Off the Brakes to Product Development

    Access to multiphysics tools has reduced costs, improved productivity and provided insights that were previously unavailable to an automotive supplier.
  • Oil and Gas

    Ensuring a Good Bond

    Mechanical simulation helped Baker Hughes engineers to reduce the time to market by 20 percent for new electromagnetic–acoustic transducer technology.
  • Healthcare

    Hearts Content

    Medical center researchers employ ANSYS CFD to determine the optimal personalized surgery to obtain a better quality of life for children.
  • News

    Simulation in the News

    A roundup of news items featuring simulation

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