ANSYS Advantage - Volume X, Issue 2, 2016

ANSYS Advantage - Volume X, Issue 2, 2016 - Spotlight on the Internet of Things

Spotlight on the Internet of Things

Companies designing smart, connected products need to address competing and complex challenges, including size, weight, power, performance, reliability, and durability. Engineers must design reliable sensors, high-speed communication and networking equipment, and supercomputers that process vast amounts of data. This issue of ANSYS Advantage magazine features a wide range of companies that have overcome challenges in developing the things for the Internet of Things using engineering simulation. 


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  • Editorial

    New Products, Same Values, More Difficult Problems

    While product values such as quality, innovation, time-to-market and cost control will continue to separate the winners from the also-rans, the winners will be those who can best adapt to the step changes in engineering challenges in this rapidly shifting landscape.
  • Best Practices

    Ensuring a Well-Connected Future

    As the Internet of Things grows larger every day, ANSYS offers the full range of simulation capabilities to maximize product performance across a wide range of criteria.
  • Healthcare

    Wired into Health

    Cambridge Consultants uses ANSYS software to model body variations and simulate antenna performance.
  • High-Tech

    Quantum Leap

    A quantum computer developer reduces processor temperature to near absolute zero with the assistance of ANSYS multiphysics tools.
  • High-Tech

    Making Sensors for the IoT

    An experienced MEMS developer describes some of the issues involved in creating reliable MEMS and provides some best simulation practices to assist in their design.
  • High-Tech

    Designing Supercomputers

    Fujitsu uses ANSYS software to simulate its next-generation 3-D IC semiconductor designs before the systems have been fully defined through final signoff.

    Ruggedized Systems: Cool and Connected

    To meet demanding military specifications for mobile and interconnected surveillance, communication and operational devices, Kontron uses sophisticated thermal simulation to balance size, weight, power and cooling trade-offs.
  • High-Tech

    The Backbone of the IoT

    ClariPhy delivers ultrahigh-speed systems-on-chip (SoC), with the highest level of data integrity, while meeting power, performance, bandwidth and cost requirements. 
  • Electronics Cooling

    The Big Data Chill

    The leading provider of closed-loop liquid cooling systems for data centers employs thermal simulation with ANSYS software to optimize cooling system components.
  • Solutions

    Seven Crucial Applications to Successfully Engineer the Internet of Things

    Seven applications, enabled by a common simulation platform, are critical to developing products for the IoT. 
  • Automotive

    Changing Channels

    Magneti Marelli engineers employed simulation to design the cooling channels in a new, integrated intake-manifold–intercooler design for fuel-efficient cars in one-third of the time of previous methods.

    To the Test

    Bird strike simulation at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited saves design time and thousands of dollar per test of composite helicopter components.
  • Sports Equipment

    Long Shot

    PING used ANSYS simulation software to design unique aerodynamic features in its drivers to deliver longer golf shots while remaining stable on off-center hits.

    Passing the Test

    By modeling Lufthansa Technik’s highly complex test cell, engineers can apply those results to the jet engine itself and obtain test results that are very close to what the engine will experience in its operating environment.
  • Aerospace and Defense

    Calm Landing

    Simulation of water landings for unmanned aerial vehicles saves physical testing time and costs.
  • News

    Simulation in the News

    A roundup of media articles on engineering simulation.

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