ANSYS Advantage - Volume IX, Issue 3, 2015

ANSYS Advantage - Volume IX, Issue 3, 2015


Many factors contribute to a product’s success — engineering innovation, product quality and the business model employed are all important. But in nearly every industry, time to market is among the most critical factors. Released at the right time, your product grabs market share and dominates the field. Miss the window of opportunity, whether as the innovation leader or rapid follower, and your product will struggle. Globally competitive markets, along with increasingly volatile consumer

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  • Editorial

    Better Design in Less Time

    As products become more complex, market cycles shorten and competition increases, companies must find ways to reduce the time it takes to get their products to market. Simulation process compression is key to achieving time-to-market goals.
  • News

    Simulation in the News

    A roundup of media articles on engineering simulation
  • Best Practices

    Time is Money

    The old adage couldn’t be more appropriate for product development.
  • Aerospace and Defense

    Air Power

    ANSYS multiphysics software enables engineers to design new airships 40 percent faster than for the previous generation.
  • Turbomachinery


    Simulation-driven development increases pump efficiency and reduces product development time at one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers.
  • Consumer goods

    Ring of Fire

    Whirlpool Brazil reduces time to develop a new cooktop by 35 percent with direct modeling and fluid simulation.
  • High-Tech

    Board Games

    ANSYS Electronics Desktop saves hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of time in the design of a high-speed printed circuit board.
  • Energy

    Rising Tide

    By employing simulation, a consulting firm optimizes the design of an innovative tidal current power generator to produce four times as much power as for earlier designs
  • Energy

    Power from the Sea

    DCNS uses ANSYS simulation and services to optimize design of marine renewable energy technology.
  • Art Conservation

    The Fall and Rise of Adam

    Conservators at The Metropolitan Museum of Art call on simulation experts to help reassemble a 600-year-old sculpture.
  • Automotive

    Sealing in Progress

    Daikin’s expertise in polymers helps to improve battery gasket designs for safer, longer-lasting automotive Li-ion batteries.
  • Thought Leader

    Generating Innovation

    A world leader in small hydropower systems and engine cooling pumps, Gilkes built a long history of success based on proven products. In 2013, executives recognized that, to maintain leadership, product innovation was needed. By building in-house expertise in engineering simulation, the company is re-inventing its product line, both quickly and cost-effectively. This successful 162-year-old business has a few lessons for other companies targeting major innovation.
  • Solutions

    Introducing ANSYS AIM: Simulation for Every Engineer

    This integrated solution for simulation encompasses the breadth of ANSYS physics in a single, modern user environment.

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