ANSYS Advantage - Volume IX, Issue 2, 2015


Simulation for the Automotive Industry

Automakers and their supply chain already apply engineering simulation to address some of today’s problems: fuel-efficiency standards, potential warranty issues (with reputation and financial consequences), and the transition to hybrid and electric vehicles (H/EVs). They also embrace big ideas — disruptive technology — like self-driving cars. But the key to success is how the industry leverages the big-picture power of simulation to innovate, fulfill consumer demands, comply with stringent regulatory demands, and meet development time, cost and performance targets.

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  • Editorial

    Shifting Up to a Better Automotive Paradigm

    The fast lane is getting faster and more complex. Automakers that fall short of innovating within a shorter design cycle will lose the product race.
  • News

    Simulation in the News

    A roundup of media articles on engineering simulation.
  • Best Practices

    A Changing Simulation Paradigm for a Changing Auto Industry

    The automotive industry must fully embrace complete virtual prototyping with multidisciplinary simulation and multiphysics — and use it thoughtfully and systematically throughout the product development cycle — to see the real promise of technical innovation. Can vehicle companies shift the paradigm from simulation-in-silos to deploying a common, scalable enterprise-level simulation platform that enables thorough systems engineering? 
  • Thought Leader

    On Top of the World

    DENSO Corporation standardizes on ANSYS structural software to expedite global product development.
  • Robust Electronic Systems

    Test Drive for EMI

    Automotive electromagnetic interference and compatibility can be determined more efficiently using new technology within ANSYS HFSS.
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

    Automating Battery Pack Design

    Systems-level simulation energizes the virtual prototyping process for electric vehicle batteries.
  • Autonomous Vehicles

    In the Loop

    Vehicle automation and advanced driving assistance systems are being streamlined using ANSYS SCADE capabilities.
  • Robust Electronic Systems

    More Music Less Noise

    As automotive infotainment units become more complex, designers turn to simulation at the chip level to ensure reliable, noise-free performance.
  • Emissions Reduction

    Coming Clean

    To meet China’s tough new emissions requirements Tenneco used ANSYS Fluent to optimize the design of a new selective catalytic reduction system.
  • Reliability and Quality Prediction

    Opening the Window to Simulation

    Simulation helps to predict and reduce side window buffeting.
  • Best Practices

    It's a Snap

    Valeo uses static nonlinear best practices to simulate snap-fits using ANSYS software.
  • Application Examples

    Automotive Design — Advanced Nonlinear Simulation

    A wide range of nonlinear structural simulation capabilities from ANSYS enable automotive companies to reach the market quickly with reliable products.
  • Robust Electronic Systems Design

    Beating the Heat

    Simulation helps an electronic product operate safely at a higher ambient temperature.
  • Robust Electronic Systems Design

    Electric Power through the Air

    Murata Manufacturing developed a more-efficient method for wireless power transfer using simulation.
  • Fluid–Thermal Systems Design

    Fueling Research Reactors

    Simulations help to design a new low-enriched nuclear fuel for materials testing, isotope production and neutron radiography for research that reduces proliferation threat.
  • Solutions

    Accelerating Mechanical Solutions Using the Latest Intel Technologies

    Advances in ANSYS 16.0 and Xeon technology address the high-performance computing needs of Windows users.
  • Solutions

    Radar Road Trip

    Modeling better radar antennas and positioning them perfectly could speed the way to driverless vehicles.

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