ANSYS Advantage - Best of Healthcare

ANSYS Advantage - Best of Healthcare

Best of Healthcare

As healthcare organizations seek profitability, they embrace simulation tools and methodologies not just to speed development but to ensure extreme product safety and reliability — a goal of 100 percent efficacy. Computer modeling and simulation (in silico testing) are revolutionizing the field: The methodology provides valuable insights upfront, bringing earlier product launch and greater return on investment through reduced reliance on animal studies and bench testing. Innovative companies are now leveraging simulation as a gateway to personalized medicine. This special issue of ANSYS Advantage features leading organizations that have leveraged simulation across a wide range of applications to improve quality of life.

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    Personalizing Healthcare

    Healthcare organizations and clinicians are incorporating simulation into medical product development plans to save time, money and — most importantly — lives.
  • A Healthy Future

    Simulation is increasingly being leveraged in the healthcare sector to demonstrate product performance during the regulatory approval process — where it can significantly reduce time and costs.

    Personalized Implants Restore Smiles

    OMX Solutions uses additive manufacturing and simulation to produce implants that are personalized to each patient and require fewer surgeries.
  • Web Exclusives - Healthcare

    Boning Up

    ANSYS software simulates stress and strain on bones of individual patients to study a new hip-implantation method.

    Support System

    To aid the more 2 million patients worldwide who undergo coronary artery bypass grafting, the team at Neograft has developed a support system to improve the durability of these grafts.
  • Healthcare

    Hearts Content

    Medical center researchers employ ANSYS CFD to determine the optimal personalized surgery to obtain a better quality of life for children.

    Charged Up

    Medtronic ensures the safety of recharging subcutaneous medical devices through simulation.
  • Healthcare

    Hearing Gain

    Oticon uses multiphysics simulation to advance the personalization of hearing aid performance.

    Horse Sense

    Monitoring the wellbeing of horses when no one is around is vital to saving their lives if they experience colic. Protequus has developed a monitoring system to catch the disease early when it can still be treated.
  • Healthcare

    Wired into Health

    Cambridge Consultants uses ANSYS software to model body variations and simulate antenna performance.

    Targeting a Tumor

    By creating a human digital twin, researchers can target a drug on a lung tumor with 90 percent efficiency.

    Brain Trust for Aneurysm Treatment

    To provide effective treatment for brain aneurysms, a healthcare company has developed a digital twin to help physicians place implant devices during surgery.

    The Right Mix

    CFD simulation saves time and money by validating the ability of a single-use mixer design to scale to 5,000 liters.

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