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Best of Energy

Best of Energy

Global prosperity requires reliable energy at a reasonable cost. To meet this demand, the industry is changing the way it produces energy and power, whether it comes from hydrocarbon, nuclear or renewable means. This special issue of ANSYS Advantage includes many examples of leading companies that leverage engineering simulation to innovate in the energy sector.

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Featured Stories

  • Powering Global Prosperity: New Energy for Pressing Industry Challenges

    The energy industry’s complex physics and geometry challenges will grow more complicated in the future. To accelerate product development, R&D companies must employ advanced computational simulation tools for component and system design in new ways.

  • Product Design Challenges Drive Simulation Evolution

    ANSYS CEO Jim Cashman believes in the endless possibilities to help customers develop better products through simulation.
  • Best Practices

    Ensuring a Well-Connected Future

    As the Internet of Things grows larger every day, ANSYS offers the full range of simulation capabilities to maximize product performance across a wide range of criteria.
  • Separating the Streams

    Multiphase simulation can improve performance of oil and gas separation equipment. 


    Robust Electric Machine Design Through Multiphysics

    Electromagnetic, mechanical and thermal simulation plus design optimization help to improve energy efficiency, noise and bearing life of robust electric motors.
  • Ship-Shape Simulation

    Designers use structural and hydrodynamic analyses to ensure that working vessels meet challenging demands in harbor and at sea.


    Balance of Power

    To balance performance and cost, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria uses ANSYS multiphysics solutions to design power transformers and associated equipment.

    Gallery: Oil and Gas Industry Applications

    Around the world, oil and gas companies require best-in-class technology to maintain profitabiliy, reliability and safety.
  • Don’t Rock the Float

    Fluid–structure interaction allows designers to assess impact of waves on freshwater and offshore systems.
  • Energizing the Wind Industry

    Increased complexities require a system-level approach in designing and evaluating wind turbines.
  • Energy

    Rising Tide

    By employing simulation, a consulting firm optimizes the design of an innovative tidal current power generator to produce four times as much power as for earlier designs
  • Energy

    Power from the Sea

    DCNS uses ANSYS simulation and services to optimize design of marine renewable energy technology.

    Magnetic Appeal

    CERN used ANSYS multiphysics tools to optimize the design of a superconducting accelerator magnet.

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