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ANSYS 18 Innovations - Embedded Software

Specialized automotive and avionics applications are more complex than ever while still meeting the highest levels of safety and quality. ANSYS 18 enables you to develop complex, high-integrity embedded applications that comply with the automotive open system architecture standard (AUTOSAR) and meet industry standards such as ISO-26262 and the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE). Bundling SCADE tools together gives you a seamless environment for effectively using the most advanced technologies for 3-D simulation and designing embedded systems and software. Register for this webinar to learn:
  • How the Automotive package provides you with a solution for developing ADAS applications
  • How enhancements to the Avionics package deliver a solution for developing FACE applications that fulfill DO-178C requirements
  • How the combination of SCADE Display certified and automatic code generation toolchain and OpenGL SC 2.0 enables you to address the unique and stringent certification requirements of safety-critical and high-reliability display system markets

Author: ANSYS Type: Webinar Date:
Product Name: ANSYS SCADE Architect, ANSYS SCADE Display, ANSYS SCADE Lifecycle, ANSYS SCADE Server, ANSYS SCADE Suite, ANSYS SCADE Test
Product Category: Embedded Software


1 - 1 Of 1 Results

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