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ANSYS17 Electronics电子画册

随着制造业的发展,投入设计、生产的新技术复杂度日益增加,产品开发阶段需要验证的物理现象的范围正逐步扩大,困难程度也在不断提高。 为了充分应对这些挑战,CAE 已经在各行各业中广泛应用。今天,CAE 已经是产品生命周期中不可或缺的一环,尤其是在世界发达国家, CAE 更是在各行各业中被活学活用。

Author: ANSYS Type: Brochure Date:
Product Name: ANSYS HFSS, ANSYS Maxwell, ANSYS Q3D Extractor, ANSYS RF Option, ANSYS RMxprt, ANSYS SIwave, ANSYS Sentinel, ANSYS Simplorer, ANSYS SpaceClaim, ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler
Product Category: Electronics, Electronics - Cooling, Electronics - Electromechanical, Electronics - High Frequency Electromagnetics, Electronics - Integrated Circuits, Electronics - Signal Integrity
Industry: Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Construction, Healthcare - BioMed, High Tech
Sub Industry: A and D Electronics, Aircraft, Aircraft OEMs and Suppliers, Appliances, Biomedical Devices, Blast, Car and Light Truck OEMs, Cars and Light Trucks, Defense, Consumer Electronics, Motorsports, Motorsports and Motorcycles, Off-Highway-Agriculture-Construction Vehicles OEMs, Off-Highway and Construction, Railways, Tier 1 and 2 Suppliers



ANSYS Q3D Extractor - Brochure

Q3D Extractor efficiently performs 3-D and 2-D electromagnetic field simulation of electronic structures based on mechanical or electrical (layout) CAD data. You then simply assign material properties, sinks and sources to the imported data and perform a simulation of the model. In addition to providing RLCG outputs, the solvers include current and voltage distributions along with CG and RL matrices.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Brochure Date:
Product Name: ANSYS Q3D Extractor
Product Category: Electronics, Electronics - Signal Integrity


1 - 2 Of 2 Results

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