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Under the Hood - ANSYS Advantage - Article - V10 I1

The electronics in modern automobiles must operate in a high temperature, under-hood environment without sacrificing performance or reliability. The traditional approach to thermal design, which is based on the assumption that the entire integrated circuit (IC) is at a constant temperature, is fast becoming obsolete as higher power dissipation and shrinking form factors make thermal design more critical. NXP engineers use ANSYS tools to calculate temperature and current density throughout the device, making it possible to predict local junction temperatures more accurately and perform thermal-aware electromigration (EM) analysis.

Author: NXP Semiconductors Inc Type: Article Date:
Product Name: ANSYS Icepak, ANSYS Sentinel, ANSYS Totem, ANSYS RedHawk
Product Category: Fluids, Multiphysics, Semiconductors, Electronics - Cooling
Industry: Automotive, High Tech
Sub Industry: Car and Light Truck OEMs



Managing IP Risks - Article - ANSYS Advantage - V8 I3

IP-aware SoC power noise and reliability analysis workflow is required in the FinFET era.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Article Date:
Product Name: ANSYS Totem, ANSYS RedHawk
Product Category: Electronics - Electromechanical
Industry: High Tech


1 - 2 Of 2 Results

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