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ANSYS17 Electronics电子画册

随着制造业的发展,投入设计、生产的新技术复杂度日益增加,产品开发阶段需要验证的物理现象的范围正逐步扩大,困难程度也在不断提高。 为了充分应对这些挑战,CAE 已经在各行各业中广泛应用。今天,CAE 已经是产品生命周期中不可或缺的一环,尤其是在世界发达国家, CAE 更是在各行各业中被活学活用。

Author: ANSYS Type: Brochure Date:
Product Name: ANSYS HFSS, ANSYS Maxwell, ANSYS Q3D Extractor, ANSYS RF Option, ANSYS RMxprt, ANSYS SIwave, ANSYS Sentinel, ANSYS Simplorer, ANSYS SpaceClaim, ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler
Product Category: Electronics, Electronics - Cooling, Electronics - Electromechanical, Electronics - High Frequency Electromagnetics, Electronics - Integrated Circuits, Electronics - Signal Integrity
Industry: Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Construction, Healthcare - BioMed, High Tech
Sub Industry: A and D Electronics, Aircraft, Aircraft OEMs and Suppliers, Appliances, Biomedical Devices, Blast, Car and Light Truck OEMs, Cars and Light Trucks, Defense, Consumer Electronics, Motorsports, Motorsports and Motorcycles, Off-Highway-Agriculture-Construction Vehicles OEMs, Off-Highway and Construction, Railways, Tier 1 and 2 Suppliers



ANSYS Maxwell - Brochure

Whether you’re designing HEVs, MRIs or wind turbine generators (as system, subsystem or component), your product is only as good as the field-solver technology you choose. Electromagnetic and electromechanical device designers face increasing pressure to produce smaller, less expensive, and more reliable and efficient components. Best practices suggest more simulation and fewer prototypes; ANSYS Maxwell® industry-leading field-simulation software delivers the power and capability to support your EM simulation design needs.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Brochure Date:
Product Name: ANSYS Maxwell
Product Category: Electronics, Electronics - Electromechanical


1 - 2 Of 2 Results

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