ANSYS Advantage — Best of High-Tech

ANSYS Advantage — Best of High-Tech

Best of High-Tech

The electrification of our world continues at a rapid pace. The conveniences of the modern world — ubiquitous communication through internet-enabled phones, electronic payments and digital streaming, to name a few — are all due to continuous engineering innovations delivered through cheaper, faster, more-precise electronics. This special issue of ANSYS Advantage includes many examples that validate the value of engineering simulation for building better high-tech products.

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    High-Tech Erases Industry Boundaries

    Massive changes over the past few decades are challenging designers and manufacturers who innovate connectivity and electronics functionality in products across all industries.

    Tuning in to Antenna Design

    Using engineering simulation, big compute and 3-D printing, Optisys achieves a large reduction in antenna size and weight while reducing development time
  • Startups

    Winning the Race to 5G

    PHAZR is developing unique 5G millimeter wireless networking for mobile and fixed-access applications. This innovative startup leverages ANSYS software to not only speed up its analysis, but provide design agility and flexibility for this cutting-edge technology. 


    5G Antenna Technology for Smart Products

    5G must address more communications over limited bandwidth by leveraging simulation to develop new antenna technology. 

    Pointing RFIDs in the Right Direction

    Using electromagnetic field simulation, engineers at Honeywell virtually evaluated new concepts for RFID systems to significantly reduce product development lead time.

    Ensuring Electromagnetic Compatibility

    By combining full-wave frequency domain with circuit simulation STMicroelectronics determines EMI/EMC and EM coexistence issues before physical prototyping.

    Crossed Signals

    Employing ANSYS technology, engineers reduced the time required to perform signal integrity analysis of a high-speed printed circuit from days to hours

    Deep Channel Analysis for High-Speed Interconnect Solutions

    Engineers leverage simulation to design and optimize next-generation, high-performance interconnect solutions across the entire signal channel.

    Cutting the Cords

    Engineers used ANSYS simulation to address thermal issues caused by packing high-power transmitters into a tiny enclosure.

    Cool Smartphones

    Qualcomm engineers simulate the power sources in a smartphone in a fraction of the time required by a full thermal analysis.
  • Advanced Electrification

    Power Retooling for Chips

    To reduce chip power consumption to unprecedented levels. AMD improved design flow with ANSYS PowerArtist.

    Vibration Power Generation

    Cutting-edge simulation technology helps a startup push the boundaries of how sensors are powered by developing technology to efficiently transform ambient energy into electricity to power wireless equipment.

    Breaking Story on an Automotive Power Module

    Engineers employed ANSYS structural capabilities to develop a reliable power steering module in half the time required in the past.

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