ANSYS Advantage — Best of Automotive

Best of Automotive

Best of Automotive

While accelerating industry advancements, automotive OEMs and suppliers must also control increasing product complexities and multiplying failure modes to keep vehicles robust, reliable and safe. This special issue of ANSYS Advantage includes many examples of leading companies that leverage engineering simulation to develop vehicles.

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Featured Stories

  • Driving Automotive Innovation

    Innovation is not just a buzzword in the automotive industry — it is a critical competency needed to transform vehicles into smart machines that incorporate electronics for infotainment (phone, multimedia), guidance (GPS) and control of a variety of systems, such as adaptive cruise control and automatic parallel parking.
  • Thought Leader

    On Top of the World

    DENSO Corporation standardizes on ANSYS structural software to expedite global product development.
  • Leveraging Upfront Simulation in a Global Enterprise

    Leveraging Upfront Simulation in a Global Enterprise

    Corporate initiative at Delphi focuses on the benefits of simulation as an integral part of early product design at sites around the world.

    Getting Around in Style

    Engineers quickly and reliably design a composites sports car and an electric bicycle using ANSYS technology.

    Breakthrough for Brake Design

    TRW has validated a new method that uses ANSYS Mechanical software to establish the initial contact and compute sliding contact between pads and disc. This approach accounts for system contact conditions, enabling brake noise to be simulated and reducing the need for physical testing to tune the models.
  • Best Practices

    It's a Snap

    Valeo uses static nonlinear best practices to simulate snap-fits using ANSYS software.

    On the Fast Track

    Ferrari pushes the limits of simulation in improving aerodynamic performance of racing cars. 
  • Cleaning Up

    Magneti Marelli reduces engine emissions and improves fuel efficiency by modeling the complete engine cycle.

  • Cleaner, Greener Engine Design

    Cummins uses simulation to reduce weight, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions of engines.
  • Playing It Cool

    CFD simulation of drive unit cooling helps to improve reliability.

    Safe Automobile Controls

    Subaru uses SCADE software to develop safe and reliable electronically controlled circuits and systems for hybrid electric vehicles. 
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

    Automating Battery Pack Design

    Systems-level simulation energizes the virtual prototyping process for electric vehicle batteries.
  • Autonomous Vehicles

    In the Loop

    Vehicle automation and advanced driving assistance systems are being streamlined using ANSYS SCADE capabilities.
  • Robust Electronic Systems

    Test Drive for EMI

    Automotive electromagnetic interference and compatibility can be determined more efficiently using new technology within ANSYS HFSS.
  • High-Tech

    Hot Flash

    Using a reduced-order method, engineers at Fairchild Semiconductor have been able to decrease development time for electronic components for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

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