With ANSYS ACT, you can create a customized simulation environment that enables your engineering team to capture and use expert knowledge, specialized processes, and best practices, improving productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. The software enables you to encapsulate APDL scripts, create custom menus and buttons to incorporate your company’s engineering knowledge, embed third-party applications, and create your own tools to manipulate simulation data.

ANSYS ACT enables you to encapsulate a customer's APDL script within ANSYS Mechanical. You can create custom entities within ANSYS Mechanical to incorporate your company’s best practices through menus and buttons — a user-friendly approach to expose complex capabilities. ACT capabilities allow you to embed third-party applications within ANSYS Mechanical, ranging from external executables that compute data for pre- or post-processing all the way up to solvers. In addition, you can create tools to manipulate simulation data, such as meshing.

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Whirlpool Corporation

ANSYS ACT automates and standardizes simulation at Whirlpool.
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As product complexity and competition increased in a fast-paced and highly regulated market, Oticon made the strategic choice to democratize the use of simulation across its organization. As a result, 75 percent of the work traditionally done by experts is now delegated to designers, freeing engineers to quickly create more innovative and reliable products. View Case Study