ZEN Interface

Solver ZEN
Type of mesh multiblock
Dimension 3D

The interface creates the following files for the Zonal Euler Navier-Stokes Flow Solver, which is a in-house code from CIRA (Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali):

File GRDFOR     (topology and geometry of the multiblock domain)
File BCDAT      (boundary conditions)
File SELECT     (selection of visiualistion data)

Creating the ZEN Input Files

Select solver

Select solver ZEN in the "Select solver" menu.

Specify boundary conditions

The following boundary conditions are supported for surfaces:

External Boundary Conditions:

Symmetry Plane

Zero-gradient of flow variables

Linear-gradient of flow variables

X-axis symmetry

Euler solid wall

Euler solid wall excluded for force/moment calculation

Euler solid wall by Reiman invariants(for supersonic flows)" name

Navier-Stokes adiabatic solid wall" name

Navier-Stokes solid wall with fixed temperature

Navier-Stokes adiabatic solid wall with injected mass and fixed total temperature

General free-stream(by Riemann invariants)

Free-stream entrance(by Riemann invariants)

Free-stream exit(by Riemann invariants)

General free-stream(extrapolation/specification of pressure)

Free-stream entrance(extrapolation of pressure)

Free-stream exit(specification of pressure)

General supersonic free-stream

Supersonic free-stream entrance

Supersonic/subsonic general free stream




Exhaust(outlet)face with M,T0/T0max,P0/P0max, I implementation

Exhaust(outlet)face with M,T0/T0max,P0/P0max, II implementation

Exhaust(outlet)face with non uniform distribution of Ptot,Ttot,Swirl

Inlet face with mass flow ratio

Inlet face with normal mach number

Internal Boundary Conditions:

Periodic internal face for single block O-type/C-type grid

Smooth internal face

No-skewness internal face

General internal face

Periodic internal face with Navier-Stokes option

Smooth internal face with Navier-Stokes option

No-skewness internal faces with Navier-Stokes option

General internal faces with Navier-Stokes option

Propeller BC with Pt, Tt and Swirl specification

Propeller BC with CP, CT and CS specification

Propeller BC with CP, CT and Swirl specification

Edit parameters

In this menu the user can specify parameters for the ZEN SELECT file, like


Write input

The user can write the ZEN files after saving the project. The translator writes the ZEN input files in the specified directory.


The ZEN Interface accepts only multiblock structured grids. Multiblock structured grids with degenerated blocks are also supported.