WIND (CFF) Interface





The WIND interface translates the output from ANSYS ICEM CFD to the "Common File Format" (CFF) grid file (.cgd file) used for the WIND flow solver.

Creating the WIND Input Files

The WIND output interface can be invoked from the Output Menu.  Go to “Select solver", and select "WIND".  Then select "Write Input" from the Output Menu.   A window opens to allow the specification of the files to be translated into the WIND format.  First, the input mesh type, either structured or unstructured, must be specified.  For a multi-block structured mesh (2D or 3D), the structured mesh files domain.1 to domain.n must be selected.  Note that not all blocks (domain.x) need to be selected.  For an unstructured mesh, a single 3D unstructured mesh file must be selected.  Note that WIND does not support 2D unstructured meshes. To import an ANSYS-ICEM 2D structured mesh into WIND, one must first extrude the mesh to one cell thickness. For structured mesh configuration, the topology file must also be selected.  This file is typically named "".   In addition, the output interface requires the ANSYS ICEM CFD boundary conditions file, and offers the option to define the name of the WIND input file.  Note that the suffix ".cgd" will automatically be added to the WIND file name.

The interface generates the WIND input file in the current project directory.

Defining boundary conditions

After generating the mesh, and prior to running the translator, boundary conditions for WIND can be defined.  Under the Output Menu, select "Boundary Conditions” and the current boundary condition file to edit (default is "family_boco.fbc").   The "Family Boundary Conditions" window opens allowing the user to set the boundary condition type on the mesh parts.  The boundary condition types available are:

Note that a special type called "Internal Wall" and numbered 99 has been added. It should only be used for hybrid interfaces within an unstructured domain. Its purpose is to indicate to the translator that the wall is internal, and therefore, should not be output to the WIND CGD file.



The WIND Interface accepts either multiblock structured grids, in 2D or 3D, or a single 3D unstructured grid file.


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