UH3D Interface


New UH3D interface


This new ICEM CFD/CAE UH3D interface uses a cartesian grid created with the GLOBAL-Mesher. It writes two files, a grid file (filename.grd) and a geometry file (filename.geom). The grid file contains the description of the cartesian grid i.e. the number of stations in each directions and the coordinates of these stations. The geometry file contains information about the geometry inside the cartesian grid. It is divided in three sections:

One have also the option to use an unstructured domain as input. In that case, if no cartesian grid is available, pierce points are ignored and no grid file will be written, and the components refer to the families. But if the cartesian grid exits, along with the unstructured domain, an unstructured  grid is
written out.

Creating the UH3D Input Files

Prior to running the UH3D interface, a special file must be written from the GLOBAL-Mesher, if an unstructured domain file is not used. This file contains the information necessary to write the UH3D input files. To create this file, type the following command in the "Message Window" of the GLOBAL-GUI: This creates the file filename in the same directory where icemcfd was started. Please note that the material numbers correspond to the volume families and are displayed in the "Message Window" when the different volume families are turned on or off.

The translator writes the UH3D input files using this special grid file created in GLOBAL-Mesher, and its corresponding boundary conditions file. To create the UH3D input files, select the translator "UH3D" in the "Output" menu from the ICEM CFD/CAE Manager. After clicking "UH3D input" you can specify options for the UH3D interface:

The interface generates the UH3D grid file in the Transfer Shell. You may open a shell window in this directory by selecting the menu items "Utility" and "Transfer Shell".

Defining boundary conditions for UH3D

Boundary conditions can be defined on each surface family (component) of the geometry. Two types of boundary conditions are available, the temperature (C) and the heat flux (W/m^2). The boundary condition type is defined under string1 and the boundary condition value under real1 in the "general bnd cond." menu of the DDN-Mesher Interface or the Output/Bound conds menu in the mesh editor (MED). Please refer to the General Remarks section for more details.
    1.string1        Enter the word TEMP or HEAT
    3.real1          Enter the value of the temperature or heat flux.

Old UH3D interface


The translator follows 2 steps to create a UH3D grid file.

The interface does not support boundary conditions. The supported information is the nodes and the triangular elements.