UGRID Interface

Solver UGRID
Type of mesh unstructured mesh
Dimension 2D or 3D


The UGRID translator creates a grid file in the UGRID (.ugrid) file format.  A UGRID file contains a tria/quad face boundary surface grid and (optionally) a polyhedral element volume grid.   The description of the .ugrid file can be found at   In addition to the .ugrid file, this translator creates a second ASCII file which contains a list of the surface IDs and associated surface names (.dat file).

Creating the UGRID Input File

The UGRID output interface can be invoked from the ANSYS ICEM CFD Output Menu.  First select the Output solver UGRID, then select a file to translate into a UGRID file.   A window opens to allow the specification of the files to be translated into the UGRID format.  First, an unstructured mesh file must be selected.     In addition, the output interface requires the boundary conditions file, and  the prefix of the UGRID input file(s).  Note that the grid file will get automatically the suffix .ugrid and the surface ID/name file the suffix .dat.  The interface generates the UGRID input files in the current project directory (prefix.ugrid and  prefix.dat) .

Boundary conditions

The interface supports the following boundary conditions: