TSAR Interface



The TSAR interface translates the output from ANSYS ICEM CFD to the TSAR grid file.

Creating the TSAR Input Files

The TSAR output interface can be opened by going to the Output menu and clicking on Select solver. Select TSAR.  Then select Write Input.   First an unstructured mesh composed of hexahedral elements must be specified.  Then a window opens to allow the specification of additional files and options for the TSAR output interface.  The interface requires a Cartesian file.   In addition, one can select between two different file formats, ASCII or binary.  If boundary conditions were defined, then the name of the boundary condition file is required.  Finally, the user has the option to change the default name for the TSAR input file.

The interface generates the TSAR input file in the current project directory.

Defining boundary conditions

After generating the mesh, and prior to running the translator, boundary conditions for TSAR can be defined under the Output menu, by selecting Boundary Conditions and the current boundary condition file to edit (default is "family_boco.fbc").   The "Family Boundary Conditions" window opens allowing to set Material Priority on the mesh parts.   Note that this information is only used in the ASCII type output, where edge material are required.