TRANAIR Interface



The TRANAIR interface writes a TRANAIR input file from an ANSYS ICEM CFD surface grid and its attached boundary conditions.

Creating the TRANAIR Input File

The grid must be constructed  with the HEXA mesher and written out as a multiblock structured surface mesh.  After generating the mesh, boundary conditions can be defined using the TRANAIR Graphical User Interface.  Under the Output menu, go to Select solver and select Tranair.   Then select Boundary Conditions and the current boundary condition file to edit (default is "family_boco.fbc").   The "Family Boundary Conditions" window will open allowing you to set the boundary condition type(s) for the surface mesh.

A "network" in TRANAIR corresponds to a "domain" in ANSYS ICEM CFD. So for each domain a boundary condition can be defined .
The TRANAIR boundary conditions supported by this interface are: