TNO Interface



The translator creates the TNO input file "glasin.dat". This file contains the grid definition and the material regions. The cartesian grid is described with the volume center points of the 3 dimensional cells in all three directions X, Y and Z. The material regions are defined by means of the coordinates of the two outermost corners occupied by the region. The specified minimum and maximum coordinates of the region are given using the volume boundary in contrary to the grid which is defined with the volume center points.

Creating the TNO Input File

The translator writes the TNO input file using an unstructured domain file and its corresponding boundary conditions file (boco). Note that the grid must be cartesian. To create the TNO input file, go to the ANSYS ICEM CFD Output Menu and then to Select Solver. Select the translator "TNO". Then clicking "Write input" will open a window where you can specify options for the TNO interface:

The interface generates the TNO file in current project directory.

Defining the material regions for TNO

The program supports the definition of material regions. Please refer to the General Remarks section for more details.

Four types of regions are allowed: walls, extra walls, glass media and surroundings. Their corresponding flags are WALL, EXTRA, GLASS and SURND.