STARS Interface



STARS is an integrated, multidisciplinary, finite-element, structural, fluids, aeroelastic and aeroservoelastic analysis computer program.  The ICEM CFD - STARS output interface creates the grid (.gri) and the boundary (.fro) files in accordance with the STARS file format.

Creating the STARS Input File

The STARS output interface can be invoked from the mesh editor MED.  Under the menu "Output", "Select solver", select "STARS".  Then select "STARS Input".   A window opens to allow the specification of the files to be translated into the STARS format.  An existing unstructured domain file must first be selected.   In addition, the output interface requires the ICEM CFD boundary conditions file, and offers options to define the name of the STARS input files and three scaling factors.  The translator automatically adds the suffix ".gri" and ".fro" to the  STARS files.

The interface generates the STARS ".gri" and ".fro" files in the current ICEM CFD project directory.

The interface uses the ICEM CFD boundary condition file to find the group number of the boundary elements, as written in the ".fro" file.  Additional boundary conditions are not supported by this translator.

This interface was written to support both 2D or 3D input meshes.