The translator creates the SPECTRUM-CENTRIC grid files (version 1.1), <filename>.con and <filename>.crd. The first one contains the elements connectivities and the second one, the nodes coordinates. If the user specifies boundary tagging, adddional files are created (<name>.ebc and <name>.nbc) to define the elements and nodes of each boundary group.

Creating the SPECTRUM-CENTRIC Input Files

The translator writes the SPECTRUM-CENTRIC input files using an unstructured domain file and its corresponding boundary conditions file (boco or boco_info). To create the SPECTRUM-CENTRIC input file, go to "Select Solver" under the Output Menu. Select the translator "SPECTRUM-CENTRIC". After clicking "Write input" you can specify options for the SPECTRUM-CENTRIC interface:

The interface writes the SPECTRUM-CENTRIC files in the current project directory.

Defining boundary condition for SPECTRUM-CENTRIC

The boundary conditions and properties are defined using the "Boundary Conditions" menu. Please refer to the General Remarks section for more details.

The program supports the definition of boundary groups. These are defined by simply selecting an exterior wall and give it a name. This name can be any string of up to five characters long.

Two files are created for each boundary group, <name>.ebc which contains the elements of the group and <name>.nbc which contains the nodes. Note that the nodes on the edges of a boundary group are not included in the .nbc file.

All external shell elements which are not included in a named boundary group are written in the default element file "NOSLP.ebc". Similarly, all nodes which do not appear in any node file are written in the default node file "NOSLP.nbc".