SpecElem Interface



SpecElem is a solver developed at The School of Computational Science & Information Technology, at Florida State University.   The ICEM CFD - SpecElem output interface creates three files in accordance with the SpecElem format; the vertex file (.vrt), the cell file (.cel) and the input file (.inp).

Creating the SpecElem Files

The SpecElem output interface can be invoked by going to the Output Menu, and selecting SpecElem as the Output Solver.  Then select Write Input.   A window opens to allow the specification of the files to be translated into the SpecElem format.  An existing unstructured domain file must first be selected.   In addition, the output interface requires the ANSYS ICEM CFD boundary conditions file, and offers options to define the name of the SpecElem files and three scaling factors.  The translator automatically adds the suffixes ".vrt", ".cel" and ".inp" to the  SpecElem files.

The interface generates the SpecElem ".vrt", ".cel" and ".fro" files in the current project directory.  Note that the boundary condition file is solely used to find the family information, which serves to determine the ID of the cells and boundary elements.  Additional boundary conditions are not supported by this translator.

This SpecElem interface supports 3D unstructured mesh composed of hexahedral elements.